Weekly Round-Up: 2nd-6th November 2020

Updated: Nov 18, 2020


We have been continuing with our Christophe's Story unit. We have been exploring how Christophe may have been feeling during different points of the story, and finding exciting vocabulary to describe different emotions. We have taken part in role-play sessions and created a 'conscience alley' to put ourselves in his shoes!


This week we focused on problem solving. We are becoming very confident with our 4-digit addition and subtract knowledge, so we have been challenging ourselves to unpick word problems and find out which calculations need to be done in order to solve them!


We started our new Science unit this week: Sound!

Sound waves are created by vibrations, e.g. strumming a guitar string, hitting a drum.

We experimented with tuning forks to feel the vibrations and see how they affect water and paper.

Did you know? Have you ever heard the sound of a bee buzzing as it flies? Bees flap their wings very quickly, vibrating the air as they move. The vibrations of the wings and air make the buzzing sound!

Music - Guitar Lessons!

We are incredibly lucky to be having guitar lessons every 2 weeks! We had our first lesson this week and it was fantastic! Learning to play an instrument links well with our Science topic too.

Musical Moments

This week we listened to McFly and three of their songs;

  1. I Wanna Hold You

  2. All About You

  3. Sorry's Not Good Enough

'All About You' was voted as the class favourite! Why don't you have a listen?