Weekly Round-Up: 5th-9th October 2020

I have decided to make a space on our webpage to share some of the learning that we have been doing each week. We cover so many amazing topics in Year 4A and the children often want to carry on their learning at home. Hopefully these 'round-up' pages will shed some light on your children's weeks! 😊


We have been focusing on poetry this week and looking at the poems of Grace Nichols.

Grace's poems often include figurative language, such as smilies and metaphors. We have been learning about what metaphors and similes are, and having a go at creating our own short poems including them.

We also had a go at some performance poetry and showed it to the whole school during our weekly 'Star Awards' Zoom assembly! The poem we learnt was 'Cat Rap' by Grace Nichols, so we made our own cat masks.


We have started our new 'Addition & Subtraction' unit and have been focusing on 4-digit column addition. We have been remembering what to do when we need to exchange 1s, 10s, 100s or 1000s. This week's homework is a great way to practice those maths skills!


During our Science session this week, we researched different environmental changes and how they may impact the animals and people who live in affected areas. We split into groups to focus on either droughts, oil spills, volcanic eruptions or deforestation. How would the aftermath of those environmental changes impact local eco-systems or food chains?

Musical Moments

Due to COVID regulations, our music lessons look very different at the minute! We are focusing on a new artist every week. We look at a variety of different genres and artists; from old to new!

This week we listened to Paolo Nutini and three of his songs;

  1. New Shoes

  2. Last Request

  3. Pencil full of lead

'Pencil full of lead' was voted as the class favourite! Why don't you give it a listen?

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