Well-being Wednesday Walk

Last weeks hidden word was........RESILIENCE!

Well done to everyone who went out searching and to those who cracked the code 😃 We are VERY excited to announce our new challenge for this week!! Mrs Hall, Mrs Morley and Mr Wolfe will be hiding two sets of QR codes around the local area for you to find this week.

There are 10 pink QR codes which will each reveal a letter to spell out another of our school value words. Can you find all 10 and post the word to our Facebook page?

This week there are also 20 blue QR codes for you to hunt for. Each of these codes will reveal a character from well known books. We would like you to name the character, name the book and name the author for each one. Will you be able to find and name all 20?

We cant wait to see all of your photos this week. Don't forget that we also want to see photos and videos of you doing activities that are good for healthy minds. The staff have been posting their pictures, we have had staff running, cycling, geocoaching, stretching, dancing, relaxing with their pets, cooking, playing games with family, having spa days at home and even eating donuts!!

Keep checking the facebook page to see what the staff get up to this week.

Happy QR code hunting, stay safe and have fun #healthyminds