What have we been learning?

This week we have carried on with our Christmas fun:

We did a quiz

Our reading ambassador got a special signed book from her favourite author

We made place mats and party hats and ate our Christmas dinner, Santa came to visit too and brought gifts!

We made erupting volcanoes to complete our geography topic.

We are not allowed to sing indoors, however we did the actions for '12 days of Christmas'

We did a treasure hunt with Mr Wolfe and had a game of football

We had a Christmas cookie

We recored our 'I Wish it Could be Christmas Everyday' song (it was a bit chilly and windy!)

Last week we enjoyed some treats for our '12 Treats of Christmas'

We had a games afternoon and the children loved it. I was so proud of how they showed great friendship and kindness towards each other when playing.

We also had hot chocolate with marshmallows and cream, what a treat!

Over the last few weeks we have learnt:

All about perimeter in maths

About different pitch in science (we made out own 'oboes')

In geography we learnt all about earthquakes and the drills they have in Japan

We measured sounds in science using data loggers

In English we wrote our own stories about bullying

We have made Christmas decorations for our classroom

Last week (9th-13th November) we had lots of fun and learnt lots:

We had our fortnightly guitar lesson and the children loved it, it is great to see them all so involved and trying their hardest.

In geography we have been learning about volcanoes and we made up some actions to remember what 'active', 'dormant' and 'extinct' volcanoes are. See if your child can remember.

We have been making xmas crafts for a display (it is never too early to start!)

In science we have been learning about sound and ordered the parts of the ear. The children even managed to do it in a team without talking in 20 seconds! Great teamwork skills!

Last week (2nd - 6th November) we learnt lots:

We made poppies that we can wear (thank you for all your kind donations) and thought about why we wear poppies and who we are remembering.

We have been practising our speedy addition fluency by rolling dice and adding the numbers together as fast as we can. Try at home! You could always times the numbers or subtract them.

In English we have been reading 'Christophe's Story' and we did a great job sequencing it:

In science we have started our new unit on sound and we had a very noisy afternoon, testing out the sounds instruments make, feeling the vibrations and seeing what happens when you put a tuning fork in water (you get wet!).

4B all look fantastic for wear it pink day! Thank you for your kind donations.

Before half term we did some painting in the style of Hunterwasser. They look great on our classroom wall.

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