World Book Day 2022!

Today is World Book Day! We have come dressed as some of a favourite characters from the stories we enjoy. We will also be doing a number of activities to celebrate it! Take a look at some of our fantastic costumes! Can you tell what everyone has come as?

The first activity that the children took part in was to watch the World Book Day rap by DJ Grammar ( . As they listened they had to work out what stories were being referenced. There are 35 in total. The children then had to create posters about the books mentioned in the song.

After this the children took part in a live lesson held by the BBC where they learnt lots about reading for pleasure, genres of books, digital trailer making and digital illustrations. The class then returned to the theme of books and rap by watching another clip of MC Grammar 'reading' the Gruffalo. ( The children were set the challenge to rap parts of other children's books. These are the results!