As part of our science investigation we have decided to make a wormery using the money we won from our National Soup competition. Our school governor kindly made the wormery we as a class designed. The children researched their wormery and have been monitoring the progress. We have 'wormery' monitors who have been keeping a diary on the wormery.

We have only put ten worms in our wormery currently as a test to see if they can survive in their new home. We are monitoring how much light, water and food they need to survive. Initially we have put spring greens on top to feed the worms. We have noticed more ants, woodlice and ear wigs in our wormery so we will look at creating a bug hotel on top to accommodate them.

As time has passed we haven't seen much movement from the worms. We think we need to buy more and buy a starter kit. The usual amount of worms to start a wormery is 100.

If the worms don't survive we will be looking at how to fix this in our Science lessons.