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We're pleased to be recognised as an Apple Distinguished School for 2021-2024 for our implementation of technology and the use of it effectively to support, promote and enhance teaching and learning.

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At Booth Wood, we S.M.I.L.E. (Stimulating Minds Through Imaginative Learning Experiences), underpinning everything we do and everything we believe in. We engage our pupils in a way that increases learning and ultimately sets them up for future success by using technology to enhance experiences. Pupils are equipped with future-ready skills that prepare them for the challenge of a rapidly developing and changing technological world.

  • Visionary leadership, outstanding teachers and extensive community support enable us to provide an exceptional learning environment for the pupils.

  • 1:1 iPad is used by pupils and staff as a ‘digital pencil case’, providing tools for exemplary teaching and learning.

  • Creativity and inclusivity go hand-in-hand - no child is left behind.

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Providing an innovative, global and personalised education enables our pupils to reach their full potential. We experiment, we evaluate and we embrace new opportunities.  Technology empowers all students to take ownership of their learning. Pupil voice drives our ambition, steers our vision and guides our curriculum.

Enabling Creativity

  • We kindle pupil’s imagination, ignite enthusiasm and fire inquisitiveness.

Future Readiness

  • Our pupils leave school with a passion for life-long learning, the intelligence to succeed and the skills to tackle the complexities of life.

Cultural Capital

  • All pupils are entitled to a high standard of learning, regardless of socio-economic background. Technology supports us in ensuring pupils are culturally literate, enabling them to thrive in the modern world.



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All staff use technology as a supportive tool, providing pupils with a personalised learning experience. Teachers’ workload has been greatly reduced by utilising Apple technology. The quality and response to formative assessment has been revolutionised. Keynote is used extensively by teachers to deliver high-quality lessons that stimulate learning. For example, a collaboration generated a piece of digital art, creating our very own Booth Wood Bear.

Apple technology inspires pupil’s creativity across the curriculum. It allows us to use:

  • VR headsets, enabling pupils to access the often inaccessible

  • Spheros, providing pupils with cross-curricular experiences, allowing their imagination to flow

  • Green screen, allowing pupils to be transported to other worlds and experience new possibilities

Pupils fully utilise technology, using iMovie, Numbers, Clips, Pages and Keynote to showcase their learning.

Coding is fully integrated into the curriculum using Learn to Code and Swift Playgrounds. Through our skills progression, pupils are able to work independently and many exceed age-related expectations.

Well-being is paramount; this was especially so during the pandemic. iPad and Mac provided a seamless transition from school to home. The whole curriculum was taught using live lessons, ensuring pupils could communicate and work with teachers and peers alike. Breakout rooms were used for collaborative projects, discussion opportunities and face to face support. We reached out to the community at this time, organising ‘Well-being Wednesdays’, creating a wealth of engaging activities, even making the national and local news.


  • Creative Writing

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To ensure creativity is at the forefront of everything we do, we work with research partners and constantly reflect on our teaching and learning.

Technology has inspired new careers as well as new creations. Our pupils are at the forefront of this new horizon and we inspire ambition. Innovation looks to the future, engineering change.














Since 1:1 iPad was implemented, academic results have risen year-on-year. We are now in the top 10% of schools for attainment and the top 5% for progress across the country.

We share our success through a variety of platforms with: pupils, parents, governors and the wider community.



As a National Support School, we will continue to provide expert advice and support to enable all schools to embrace technology in order to raise attainment and ensure future readiness. We will reflect on and share our success whilst continually thinking of innovative ways to improve teaching and learning through technology. 

As part of continuous professional development, we will be embracing the Apple Teacher Portfolio in order to sustain attainment, creativity and outstanding practice.

As always, research will be at the forefront of all we do. We will utilise new technologies to further enhance our curriculum, whilst never forgetting to S.M.I.L.E. (Stimulating Minds through Imaginative Learning Experiences).

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