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PSHE Library

Booth Wood has a PSHE book library.

The PSHE book library is a selection of books that centre around PSHE themes. This can range from friendship to family changes, to keeping safe online - there are many topics that are covered.

These books may be used within PSHE lessons, story times and ELSA sessions. We are lucky to have access to such high quality texts.

At Booth Wood, we strive to ensure that all of our reading books include a variety of protagonists and characters, to ensure that there is representation of different ethnicities, cultures, abilities and families. These PSHE book lists includes titles that may prompt important conversations, allowing you to discuss differences and celebrate what makes people unique!

We also want to make these books available for families and grown-ups at home. We understand that some of these topics can be difficult to talk about, so a book can be a good starting point.  You may want to use these book lists as inspiration for updating your child's bookshelves. Alternatively, you are welcome to email Miss Murfitt (PSHE lead) to organise borrowing some titles to enjoy at home. 

The books are sorted into the following categories:

Box 1

  • Racial & Cultural Diversity


Box 2

  • Feelings, Emotions & Worries

  • Loss, Bereavement & Family Changes


Box 3

  • Disability & SEN Representation

  • LGBTQA+ Representation, Gender Identity & Stereotypes


Box 4

  • Resilience & Self-Belief

  • Celebrating Uniqueness

  • Friendship


Box 5

  • Our World & Environment

  • Technology

If you do wish to borrow any of our PSHE library books, please contact Mrs Armitage via WeDuc who can then arrange for the book(s) to be sent home with your child.

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