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ReachMoreParents (Weduc)

We are always looking for more effective ways to keep our parents informed and engaged in their child’s learning journey. We have been pretty successful in the past, but with new technology constantly being released, it’s important that we provide you with the most effective, yet simple to use tools available.
We’re excited to announce that we have now invested in Weduc, a new digital communication and engagement tool designed specifically to improve the way that parents and school staff communicate.


Weduc is a wonderful app that combines all the current services used at school into one convenient place with some new features included. Weduc can:

  • Let us share what children are doing in the school day (similar to the Booth Wood Facebook page)

  • Allow you to digitally sign forms.

  • Submit absence notifications.

  • Receive messages from the school.

  • Make payments for dinners and school trips.

  • Parents evening appointment bookings (more information to follow before the next parents evening).

  • And much more…


We will be staggering the transition from our current providers, starting with: 

  • payments for trips

  • digital signing of forms

  • messaging service  

  • absence reporting (you may still use the telephone service currently in place).


At the start of the new 2023-24 academic year, all payments will switch to the Weduc app. Any outstanding funds in your account must be withdrawn before this time. 

Click on the links below to get access!

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