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A Mastery Approach - guide for parents

Updated: 3 days ago

At Booth Wood, we adopt a mastery approach to teaching mathematics. Our maths scheme, Power Maths, provides comprehensive, detailed lessons which encourage a deep understanding of mathematics.

Children use concrete items and pictorial representations to develop and prove their understanding. Problem solving is included in every lesson, lessons follow on from previous skills and all children are given the opportunity to access the same work (with additional support if necessary). Challenges are included in every lesson which further deepen children's understanding and stretch their knowledge and fluency.

Growth mindset is valuable to the approach with every child considered a mathematician with no one viewed as 'can't do maths'.

Please view the documents below for further information.

Mastery guide for parents
Download PDF • 784KB
Parent factsheet
Download PDF • 725KB
Power Maths letter to parents
Download PDF • 114KB
Power Maths presentation to parents
Download PPTX • 6.02MB

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