Homework - Due Friday 7th October

Updated: 3 days ago


Some children have been given different spellings this week so check the paper copy to see what group they are. They will also practise these with Mrs Morgan throughout the week. The rest of the children's spelling are below (Year 3 spellings)

Spelling test will be on Friday 7th October. Children also have a paper copy of the spellings and they are also on spelling shed. Logins are on the front of their reading diaries.

Mrs Morgan's Group 7th Oct
Download PDF • 100KB

Year 3 spellings 7th Oct
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Maths Homework

This week I have set maths homework for year 3. Children have also been given a paper copy.

On one side is challenge 1 and the other is challenge 2. If you are feeling confident then have a go at both challenges. If you are not sure then just do challenge 1.

Homework is due in on Friday 7th October.

Year 3 maths 7th oct
Download PDF • 313KB

Children should also be encouraged to practice their times table each week too. They should now be confident with 2s, 5s and 10s. If they have mastered that then try 3s and 4s. If they are not quite there then don't worry and keep practising.

Logins to TT rockstars are on the front of reading diaries, but flash cards or shouting out times tables questions whilst in the car or out and about also works well.