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Maths Ambassadors

Updated: Feb 9

We have two maths ambassadors from our year 6 class. Their main role is to promote maths across the school through a number of tasks. They work closely with the maths subject leader.

Meet the Ambassadors


About me:

I am Jaden, a 10 year old pupil from class 6b . I enjoy maths because it’s very challenging and I really love that feeling when there’s a hard puzzle just waiting to be solved. I enjoy algebra problems that are just out of my reach and so I can work together with a few of my friends.

In my free time I like to play badminton and football, but badminton is my favourite. My ambition is to become an engineer

A few ideas to promote maths:

3 challenges a week based on year groups, whoever does the most challenges wins a prize

Challenge worksheet with multiple challenges

Top tips from me :

In tests, when you’re finished, check it because every mark counts, and you do want to get the highest possible score, right?

To those that don’t normally finish a test, try and finish. Do not focus for too long on one single question. When you’ve spent a few minutes on it and you haven’t got anywhere, then move on so that you do not waste time.

Furthermore, make sure you read the question thoroughly!



My name is Kavya and I really like maths. I like it because it about solving problems and I especially love word problems involving two-step addition or subtraction problems. Maths is really enjoyable to me because I love to solve equations and work the correct answer out. In maths I also really enjoy doing fractions and arithmetic.

Promoting maths

We could get other children to like maths by doing some fun games like a times tables game where you have to answer the times tables question first and you get a prize if you answer all the questions correctly. We could also keep word problems on the walls in the hall and on the lunchtime tables so people can try to solve them while they eat their lunch.

Top tips

My top tips for maths: always remain calm while solving and do not make it a race otherwise you might end up getting most of them wrong because you haven’t worked them out correctly.


My ambitions are to become a badminton player, a maths expert, an author and a pilot.

Maths Ambassadors' Monthly Challenge!

Each month, our. maths ambassadors create a maths challenge for each of KS1, LKS2 and UKS2. Here are our previous challenges!

KS1 December 2022
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LKS2 December 2022
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UKS2 December 2022
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KS1 January 2023
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LKS2 January 2023
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UKS2 January 2023
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