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Science has changed our lives and it is vital to the world's future prosperity.  At Booth Wood we provide the  high quality Science education which ensures the foundations for understanding the world through the specific scientific disciplines of Biology, Chemistry and Physics.


All pupils are taught essential aspects of Science; knowledge, methods, processes and use of science. We encourage pupils to recognise the power of explanation and to develop a sense of excitement and curiosity about natural phenomena. Pupils are also encouraged to understand how science can be used to predict how things will behave and to analyse causes.

Our Science Ambassadors

Introducing our Science Ambassadors! They are easy to spot in their smart lab coats! Our ambassadors are enthusiastic and excited about Science. They will assist teachers and children with Science around school, promote science to others, demonstrate in assemblies, meet regularly with Mrs Sharp (our Science lead) to discuss ways we can improve Science, to select activities for homework projects and to plan a Science day in the Spring Term. We look forward to sharing more of what they have been up to throughout the year! 

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